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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pecha Kucha + Ignite = ?

Pecha Kucha came full circle this past Friday at the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati when it returned to the spot where PK Cincinnati got its start. But there is a new addition to the "interesting presentation" scene in Cincinnati, and that is Ignite Cincinnati.

Ignite Cincinnati and Pecha Kucha are very similar in scope and execution. The biggest difference is that Ignite presenters get 15 seconds per slide while Pecha Kucha presenters get a whopping 20 seconds. The PK idea was started first and has a more international audience, but Ignite is no less of a format for presenting ideas. Founders for both forums have acknowledged the similarities and are currently working together to collaborate on future projects.

"We're competing for the same spaces, same presenters, same audience," Pecha Kucha Cincinnati leader Greg Lewis says. "They have more of a handle on the young professional crowd, and obviously we want to work together to achieve the same goals."

It is too soon to tell how this coalition will manifest itself, but it is safe to say there will definitely be something new happening in the future. In the mean time, let the battle of the interesting presentation styles continue in Cincinnati...we are all reaping the benefits.

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