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Friday, February 19, 2010

Shepard Fairey debuts exclusive Cincinnati works tonight

Shepard Fairey has already made an impactful and lasting impression on Cincinnati. Tonight the contemporary artist will be at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) for the opening night of his first museum retrospective and will display an "extensive exploration" of his 20-year career.

The retrospective is mounted in two parts - one at the CAC itself, and the other can be seen in several locations around the city in the form of mural projects. The CAC galleries will have around 250 pieces of Fairey's work displayed ranging from his Andre the Giant piece to his iconic Obama HOPE image. Most notably though Fairey will display his brand new mural custom-made for the CAC's prominent lobby space.

Fairey has also released an exclusive screen print (right image) of the world famous Zaha Hadid-designed Contemporary Arts Center which has been described as "the most important new building in American since the Cold War" by the New York Times. The limited edition screen print is available for purchase at the CAC.

The opening night celebrations will take place tonight at the CAC from 6pm to 11pm and include a cocktail reception, discussion with Shepard Fairey, and an opening party which will feature a DJ set by Shepard Fairey himself. The opening party is free and open to the public starting at 8pm.

Shepard Fairey works on his mural in downtown Cincinnati [LEFT]. A view inside the CAC's lobby from the street of Fairey's new custom-made mural for Cincinnati [RIGHT]. Shepard Fairey photographs by Thadd Fiala.


Brad said...

As far as the mural locations are concerned I know there is one at Arnolds. One on the Metropole. One on E 14th. One on 13th and Main and one in northside. Are there any others?

Randy Simes said...

Those are all the locations of which I'm aware.

theargylist said...

This is totally unrelated...but why hasn't UrbanCincy commented on the streetcar and its denied application for federal funds? It's been 3 days, and nothing. Given your ardent support, I'd like to hear your perspective--what's next, our options, etc.


Randy Simes said...

^I'm working on a substantial feature piece. There was tons of coverage immediately after the announcement came, so I thought it would be more worthwhile to give it some time and come up with something different after the immediate dust storm settled. Expect something next week.

Nate said...

There should be 30 mural locations- per Building Cincy. And in talking with CAC staff earlier this month they said they had their hands full with all the locations.
As far as I know they started working on pasting them later then anticipated so look for more to pop up around town very soon.

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