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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A sneak peek inside Senate

Cincinnati newest restaurant is slated to open next month in the heart of Over-the-Rhine's Gateway Quarter. I was able to sit down recently and chat with Senate's chef/co-owner, Daniel Wright, about the restaurant. Before I left the new space I was able to grab a few photos. Enjoy!


John Bronson said...

The interior for this is pretty slick, and I'll be envying the accordion doors in the front during the warmer months. This is definitely unique and is something I hope is replicated elsewhere to some effect.

Randy Simes said...

In many historic districts situated like OTR (adjacent to a city's central business district) the areas have been revitalized with restaurants and bars like this.

One case in particular is Philadelphia's Society Hill area which has tons of these types of establishments and accordion windows are the standard. So when you're walking down the street in the evening and into the night there's lots of life spilling out onto the streets from the interior spaces. I can only hope that this is replicated in OTR to some degree.

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