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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New street wear boutique to open in OTR

Cincinnati's freshest business and Over-the-Rhine's newest neighbor, Original Thought Required (OTR), will open this Friday, January 29 on Main Street for Final Friday. The street wear boutique will be one of the first of its kind for Cincinnati and has an owner that is very excited to be a part of the renaissance taking place in the historic neighborhood.

"I really believe in what 3CDC is doing and I'm really excited to be able to make my dream a reality," said Original Thought Required owner James Marable.

On Friday, the store will be open for Final Friday from 5pm to 10pm, and Marable encourages people to just come and check out the store even if they are not intending on buying anything. "I wanted to create a space where people come in with an open mind and where people can just be themselves."

Original Thought Required (map) will be much more than just a street wear boutique, and will eventually include regular events and be representative of the larger street wear culture where people focus on individuality, personal style, and music. Visitors on Friday can expect a small mixer atmosphere where they can get a peek of the new place and hang out.


CorporatesCoolGuy said...

Proud of Nudy man! Corporate supports OTR always!

Unknown said...

This sounds so awesome! One more reason I'm looking forward to living downtown. I can't wait to be a regular part of a scene like this.

Looking forward to stopping by!

Dame4President said...

Let's go... Can't wait to kick it... Get fresh.

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