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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Clifton Heights traffic signals improve pedestrian safety

The City of Cincinnati has installed two new stoplights in the Clifton Heights neighborhood directly adjacent to the University of Cincinnati. These lights are located at the intersections of Calhoun & Ohio streets as well as Clifton & College Court (the drive at which the college of DAAP is located).

For now the light at Ohio and Calhoun only blinks yellow and red, but will be changed to a full functioning stop light in the future. The DAAP light is fully functioning and allows for drivers turning left out of College Court onto Clifton to have a safe right-of-way.

The new light on Calhoun (map) comes at a particularly troubling spot for pedestrians. The flat straight-a-way had often encouraged drivers to speed down the street just feet away from pedestrians and bicyclists, many of whom cross back and forth across the street.

As a student attending the College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning I have experienced the perils of attempting to cross Clifton Street during rush hour. It is a busy, four lane road where drivers often drive over the speed limit. Drivers had a tendency to ignore the small yellow pedestrian crosswalk sign swinging high above the street, and more than once I jumped out of the way to avoid a collision. One memorable morning a van screeched to a halt approximately 6 inches from smashing me into pulpy art student pieces. I gave him a piece of my mind, for sure.


5chw4r7z said...

I always thought that crossing at Ohio would be perfect for a raised crosswalk, forcing cars to slow. Never been there during quiting time, but usually when I drive through there in a UC vehicle I've noticed motorists are mostly courteous of pedestrians.

Anonymous said...

As of actually, the day this post was written...the Ohio/Calhoun light was in function and also was last night too at quitting hours. I'm amazed how pedestrians haven't died there--I used to have to take a mad dash across the road there as one lane would stop and the other would fly.

Sean Gray said...

Cincinnati really should think about adopting a new traffic light style that utilizes a mast arm. The span wire lights sure are ugly. The streetscape will never have a clean look.

David said...

I agree with Sean about the mast arms. Regardless of how nice it looks, though, it is a marked improvement for both pedestrians and drives exiting from the DAAP road-access.

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