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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jake Speed and the Freddies at Arnold's 1/16

This Saturday, January 16 Cincinnati's oldest bar, Arnold's Bar & Grill, will welcome Jake Speed and the Freddies for a live performance brought to you by Christian Moerlein.

There will be beer specials on Christian Moerlein/Hudepohl Schoenling's wide variety of Cincinnati beers, and Moerlein representatives will even be there all night handing out free Christian Moerlein gear. Arnold's will be serving a special menu that night as consisting of different foods made with each of the Moerlein beers.

Jake Speed and the Freddies will start at 8pm and play throughout the night. Arnold's Bar & Grill offers one of Cincinnati's most unique and comfortable bar scenes, and is easily accessible located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati (map). There is no cover charge for this event.

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theboilover said...

Music at Arnolds is something everyone in Cincinnati needs to experience. Nothing quite like the atmosphere of that patio.

Randy Simes said...

Couldn't agree with you more. That courtyard is just amazing and is so very intimate. Should be a great atmosphere with Jake Speed and the Freddies. Add in the Christian Moerlein specials and it's a tough event to beat.

Ronda Androski said...

Thanks guys! We sure appreciate your post.
Ronda Androski/Proprietor
Arnold's Bar and Grill

Jellyplant said...

Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that these 'Cincinnati' beers are brewed in Pennsylvania? Or that the corporate offices of the brewery are not located in Cincinnati? Or that the owner doesn't even live in Cincinnati? It all seems to add up to marketing hype.

Randy Simes said...


It doesn't bother me because what Greg Hardman has done is remarkable. He has successfully saved and restored most of the Cincinnati beer brands. When he purchased them these were the agreements in place for brewing...and from my understanding it's not worth it financially to have your own brewery until you reach a certain distribution level.

So this brings us to the point where Hardman is at now with the Moerlein beers and the other beers brands he has purchased. At this point he is working on increasing his volume to the point where he can open up his own brewery. From the times I've met him, and from the people that know him, it seems like all signs point to Hardman eventually opening up a brewing operation not only in Cincinnati, but in historic Over-the-Rhine.

It's not easy to bring a product back from the dead like Hardman has. Just be patient and give him a little slack so that he can do things right so that we're not without these beers 5-10 years from now due to poor business decisions.

Ronda Androski said...

A little known fact that many people don't know is Greg Hardman has brewed his beer several times at Barrelhouse on West Liberty St. All of Hudy Bock this year is coming out of that brewery.

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