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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taco Azul to bring third taco truck to Cincinnati's streets

Cincinnati will soon have yet another food truck operation when Taco Azul hits the streets of downtown Cincinnati, Northside, Uptown and more. Azul will be open wherever the nightlife is happening and will stay open until 3am serving Mexican food in a similar fashion to Los Angeles' famous taco truck scene.

The news comes shortly after Polly Campbell wrote about Habanero Burrito Wagon (mobile catering truck) and Senor Roy's Taco Patrol from the owners of Hyde Park Tavern. This announcement also comes just after UrbanCincy looked into the untapped nightlife street food market. During that same time Cafe de Wheels has taken to the streets and introduced some of the best burgers around town.

This now brings Cincinnati's tally to three taco trucks, one taco cart, and a burger/cafe truck. Stay tuned to UrbanCincy for full details about Taco Azul in the coming days.


J.C. Selnick said...

I am SUPER excited about bringing a taco truck to the 513. This is just the sort of thing that Cincy needs; a hip, urban feel to rejuvenate the city. Good luck, taco truck!

JaredB said...

How has Skyline not made a truck?

music, craft beer and nonsense said...

This is exciting! i grew up on these taco trucks on the west coast... they are some of the most delicious mexican foods you will eat in a hurry!

mytincart said...

I wonder how they will accomplish this given that Senor Roy's apparently has an exclusive agreement to park in the Central Parking lots, while Cafe de Wheels has an exclusive agreement with System Parking?

Some other food trucks are having difficulty securing a place downtown to park because the city and these two parking companies haven't been responsive. Could there be some collusion going on?

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