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Monday, December 14, 2009

Central Riverfront Park update from Dave Prather

Central Riverfront Park (CRP) project manager Dave Prather gives an update on the progress being made on phase 1 of the new 45-acre park that will become Cincinnati's new front yard.

According to park officials, phase 1 of the CRP will include the new Moerlein Lager House restaurant and brewery as well as a plaza of water jets with cascades of water that drop to pools along Mehring Way. There will be a grand stairway with landings at water-filled basins, a glass-floored walkway above a lower level loggia, a shade trellis, informational and interpretive displays, and public restrooms. Also part of the design is an event lawn and stage, a promenade, and within a tree grove, a monument to the Black Brigade, a floral garden and a labyrinth. The park will also feature a bike center and welcome center, and a section of the Ohio River Bike Trail. Phase 1 is targeted to open by the end of April, 2011.


Unknown said...

Very excited for all this entire development, I've ben following it since day one.

I feel compelled to say, that music is atrocious.


Jason said...

Thanks for sharing! Great video, very excited to see Cincinnati finally taking advantage of our great real estate in front of the city. With the streetcar in place tying all these great attractions together I really believe Cincinnati is going to become a very popular place to live, work and visit.

Randy Simes said...

Yeah, the music is a bit 1980s work safety video, but the tremendous content overwhelms the background music.

Leiflet said...

I remain cautiously optimistic. This could be really great...

Mark Stegman said...

Thanks for the update. Currently though in between the entrance to the Roebling and the Freedom Center this video shows an open green space but there are two developments being built on both the East and West ends of that space.

I can't wait to take the street car from my spot on Main St. to the riverfront park beneath my favorite bridge for Graeter's or a UDF Shake (on the banks) and Frisbee picnics.

I do hope there is adequate green space were nature speaks for itself, space that looks and feels open and is not define by strict human use. Is there going to be a closing time for the park? One of the Queerest things I have ever been told in Cincinnati was when a police officer told me "The River Is Closed" while I was walking along the banks on a night off from working a third shift.

Great job to everyone involved in this valuable and monumental design, thank you very much!!!

Randy Simes said...


I would imagine that the CRP will have a closing time just like every other Cincinnati Park. This closing time will probably be extended for special events like Oktoberfest if it in fact moves to the CRP.

Having a closing time for parks is pretty universal in America, and I think it is to discourage unlawful behavior in these dark, unpopulated areas. I don't really think anything beyond being told to move along would ever really happen though, unless of course you are doing something unlawful.

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