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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trinity Flats Project Moving Right Along

The newest phase of the Gateway Quarter redevelopment has been under construction since the beginning of this year, and 9 months later the Trinity Flats building is well on its way to looking absolutely fabulous.

Trinity Flats will consist of 25 residential units and 7,500 square feet of store front street level retail space. The project, located at Vine and Mercer Streets (map) in Over the Rhine, is slated to cost around $8.9 million.

One aspect of this project which makes it stand out from the rest of the Quarter is that Trinity Flats is a clever mix of adaptive reuse and new construction. The Model Group is doing a fantastic job of highlighting the original building's historic features while simultaneously adding a progressive new structure to the mix. The new construction building adds a modern update to classical building elements such as window detailing, but manages to keep a clean aesthetic overall. According to the building elevations (credit Building Cincinnati) the new construction project will include a community rooftop deck. This will provide a definite draw to those wanting to move into the city but who are not completely wanting to give up their outdoor space.

The commercial space in the infill building will be the new home of the Gateway Quarter leasing office, opening up the corner of Vine and 12th streets to new endeavors. Model Group has an estimated completion date of April 2010 for the Trinity Flats development.

Trinity Flats photos by Jake Mecklenborg


UCstudent said...

Man that shadow from the balconies really sucks...otherwise looks like a pretty decent development.

Randy Simes said...

I love the exterior restoration work that they have done with those historic buildings. The paint work looks incredible and the whole thing has me very excited. These buildings were in atrocious shape just a year ago...thank goodness Model Group came in and took care of them.

UCstudent said...

Having explored many vacants in OTR, I can only imagine how much work went into those historic buildings. I really love that little post office up the block too

Jason said...

I agree, that row of buildings are looking awesome. I really like how well they filled in the previously vacant lot. The new construction fits the surrounding buildings very well.

Andrew said...

i'm curious what's going to be in the cute little post office building. restaurant? bar? cool shop?

5chw4r7z said...

It looked like the post office was going to be the entrance to the garage, but I hope I'm wrong, someone please correct me and give me a big dope slap.
I thought these condos were OK, I didn't love or hate them, BUT I really liked the outside decks, I think almost every unit has a private deck. Being downtown I don't there's anything more important than an outdoor space, it makes or breaks a condo.

Randy Simes said...

It is my understanding that Model Group is looking to use the Post Office space for an eatery of some sort.

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