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Thursday, October 1, 2009

This ain't your parent's Over-the-Rhine

On Tuesday, September 1 I took a stroll through Over-the-Rhine. It started with a private tour of the soon-to-be Neon's Unplugged off of Main Street. From there I hit up Coffee Emporium with one of Cincinnati's best photographers and the authority on Cincinnati transit - Jake Mecklenborg.

While at Coffee Emporium we were joined by the likes of Mayor Mallory and much of the Taking the Stage cast. We would have grabbed some photographs, but we both seemed to think that would be creepy and decided to enjoy some coffee and conversation instead.

From there Jake and I walked the neighborhood capturing much of the new energy and activity taking place. In the collection of photos below you will see Gateway Quarter businesses, new Vine Street streetscaping, Trinity Flats infill project, City Home townhouses, and a bunch of other scenes from around the rapidly changing neighborhood. To view all of the photos with additional narration visit my photo thread on UrbanOhio here.

After that I hit up a cocktail hour of sorts at Soapbox's new digs in the Gateway Building on Vine Street where we met with a lot of really great people with great ideas for Cincinnati. Following those good times I ended the day in OTR at Lavomatic for some drinks with a couple of UrbanCincy's finest writers - David Ben and Jenny Kessler. Great day.


Jason said...

I love the title of this post. Its very true too. The neighborhood is really turning around and I fully believe if we defeat issue 9 Nov. 3rd and the streetcars are built it will explode with growth and people will be amazed at how well it does.

CAAST said...

Randy, these photos show just how far the neighborhood of Over-The-Rhine has come this past decade. It's just great to see. Once the streetcars are built, just imagine the amount of development that will occur and how much more quickly we'll see it. NIce update.

Also, I agree, Jake is one of Cincinnati's BEST photographers.

Randy Simes said...

Photobucket is being odd...some of the photos are coming up blank with the message of the photo being moved or deleted. Everything should be working properly...if it's not working for you please let me know.

You can view all of the photos in a larger format with narration at the link to UrbanOhio provided in the post. Thanks.

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