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Friday, October 23, 2009

Skywalkers III

The Great American Tower at Queen City Square continues to rise. The tower will eventually become Cincinnati's tallest skyscraper and be the new headquarters for Great American Insurance and the Frost Brown Todd law group. The tower is currently about 25 stories up from the ground and will continue to rise over the coming months.

Photos courtesy of Casey P. Coston


G said...

I think Cincinnati, lacks a true central or focal point for it's downtown. I'm not sure if this tower will change that.

Randy Simes said...

I'd say the Fifth & Vine area is a definite focal point. It's the epicenter of downtown shopping, the tallest highrises, Fountain Square, and much of the day and night time activity radiates from this point.

G said...

I was going to say Fountain Square, then I thought when I look at Downtown from an aerial view or a view from across the river, I'm not able to spot Fountain Square.

Randy Simes said...

Well Carew Tower sits right on the southwest corner of Fountain Square.

Matt said...

Nice shots, Randy. I drive by this just about everyday - amazing how tall it's already becoming. It's really great coming around the bend on 71S.

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