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Friday, September 11, 2009

UC Student Government unanimously votes to oppose Issue 9

On August 29 the University of Cincinnati Student Government Association (SGA), which represents more than 37,000 students, unanimously passed a resolution bill that opposes Issue 9, the Anti-Passenger Rail Amendment being pushed by the local special interest group COAST.

In a release, SGA's Director of Governmental Affairs stated that, "It was important for us [students] to show our support for rail. We are constituents in the November election and our voices should be recognized."

Sutton worked with Student Body President Tim Lolli who said, "railway systems will allow students to have a better connection with the City of Cincinnati and beyond,” and that, “the railways could be heavily utilized by students for affordable, convenient and engaging travel.”

SGA’s Director of City Relations, Tim Oliver, also helped to create the bill. “We want to have potential City Council and mayoral candidates hold open-house debates educating students about the issue,” said Oliver who goes on to say that SGA will continue its support of passenger rail in the fall. President Tim Lolli also has plans to invite organizations on-campus to speak about Issue 9 and its potential impact.

For Stronger Neighborhoods, Vote No on Issue 9


Jeff said...

Is there any effort taking place to get UC students registered to vote and to change their permanent residence to Cincinnati for those out of town? I am not familiar with residency laws but was wondering if anyone might have some information on this.

Travis Estell said...

This is great news. Hopefully the new UC president, Gregory Williams, will support the Streetcar and oppose Issue 9 as well.

David Ben said...

Jeff -

Being from out of state, I changed my address so I could vote down here as a student at Xavier. Its not hard to do, and is totally legal as long as the person registering forfits his or her right to vite in the previous location, which generally happen automatically by registering here, but is probably worth a phone call just in case.

The student only needs to go to the Hamilton Co. Board of Elections web site, print the form, and mail it in. At the polling place on Election day, they will check a photo ID to ensure that the address matches the pic, which matches the person voting. If a person from out of town still has an out of town ID card, that person can bring in a bill or something else that indicates residence here. I made sure that my bank knew my current address, and brought a statement.

NO on 9

Living in Gin said...

Given that out-of-state UC students can apply for in-state residency after their first year and potentially save a boatload of money on tuition, they already have a pretty good incentive to establish Cincinnati residency. Hopefully they'll all go to the polls on Election Day.

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