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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Popopolis bringing great local music to Fountain Square this weekend

If you weren't able to get your fix of live music at Midpoint Music Festival last weekend, or if you're itching for more, then this weekend on Fountain Square is for you. On Friday, October 2 and Saturday, October 3 Fountain Square will play host to the first Popopolis music event.

The new Fountain Square event will start off with a reunion of bands who played in the Southgate House Popopolis days from 1998 to 2002. The event will be hosted by WOXY's program director Matt Sledge and will have plenty of food and drink available to keep everyone happy.

Each night will feature seven different bands on two different stages so that the music keeps on going without delay for setup and breakdown procedures. The music will start at 7pm with the last band taking the Main Stage at 10pm and playing until around 11pm. The official after party each night will be just around the corner at the recently opened Righteous Room in the Backstage Entertainment District.

If you're into the local music scene, and must choose between Friday or Saturday night, then Saturday night is definitely for you with a full card of local bands including big names like The Seedy Seeds, Wussy, and Bad Veins (view the full list of bands for each night below).

The event is free and open to the public. There is plenty of easily accessible parking available in the Fountain Square Parking Garage located directly underneath Fountain Square, and Metro bus service is available from virtually every route to the Government Square bus station located across the street from Fountain Square's southeastern corner. To find out which route is most convenient for you, and to play your trip now, use Metro's Trip Planner.

Main Stage | Acoustic Stage
7:00pm, Saving Ray | 7:40pm, Bri Love
8:00pm, Clabbergirl | 8:40pm, Messerly & Ewing
9:00pm, Rockets to Mars | 9:40pm, Mike Landis
10:00pm, Throneberry

Main Stage | Acoustic Stage
7:00pm, State Song | 7:40pm, The Seedy Seeds
8:00pm, Wussy | 8:40pm, Jason Snell (The Chocolate Horses)
9:00pm, Pomegranates | 9:40pm, Dan Mecher (Turnbull AC's)
10:00pm, Bad Veins


Dave Rolfes said...

Randy beat me to the punch on this one! The one thing I'd add is that the Friday night crew is made up of acts that played over at Southgate 10 years back, so if you've been around town a while there may be an opportunity to catch a band like Throneberry that doesn't play regular gigs these days.

Hopefully Mother Nature is a little more cooperative for Popopolis!

sledge said...

I just have to add that I was the former WOXY/97X Assistant Program Director. It's a minor quibble, but I don't like being credited with something I didn't do.

Hope to see you all down on the Square this weekend - and please, accost me and introduce yourself if you're there.

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