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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fox 19 broadcasting live on Fountain Square tomorrow morning

Fox 19 will be broadcasting their morning show live on Fountain Square tomorrow morning from 7am to 8am. The broadcast will be quite similar to the Today Show which is outdoors on Rockefeller Center in New York.

There will also be a band from next week's MidPoint Music Festival performing live on the Square. If you're already going to be Downtown you might want to swing by for this fun event. If you're not already Downtown, then you might want to make it a fun Friday morning by swinging by.


Ben said...

I made my usual trek across Fountain Square this morning at 7am and didn't even see someone setting up for a broadcast.

Dave Rolfes said...

Looks like the article is out a week early. Just checked Fountain Square website and it's on the docket for 9/25.

Jason Gloyd said...

Chairlift is playing Midpoint, make it to see them if you can, they are amazing.

Travis Estell said...

Until a few years ago, Channel 12 used to broadcast live from Fountain Square every morning. Not sure why they stopped.

Dave Rolfes said...

More in the local rag this morning about Channel 19's aspirations. According to the story this Friday is a test run for next summer when they hope to (if this week goes well) do it every Friday between Memorial Day & Labor Day. They are hoping to get local music on there each week, but need City Council to waive a policy about amplified sound during the day on the Square.


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