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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For Stronger Neighborhoods, Vote No on Issue 9

Cincinnatians For Progress is reporting that the Anti-Passenger Rail Amendment has been assigned #9 for its issue number for this November's election.

Rail transit is a critical part to the transportation network of any metropolitan region. In terms of both freight and passenger, rail can move more for less. And it is not just more efficient, rail transit is also more economically advantageous than similarly built road systems that require heavy taxpayer funding.

Passenger rail in Cincinnati will make not only our urban core even better, but it will make our whole region better as we move forward with creating more transportation options that help relieve congestion, reduce emissions, and promote connectivity and commerce.

For Stronger Neighborhoods, Vote No on Issue 9


David Ben said...

Looking for ways to get involved?

1. Visit for more information, or to donate to the cause.

2. While you are there, sign up for their email list.

3. Check out the Cincinnatians for Progress Blog on their site.

4. If you are on Twitter, occasionally write why you oppose Issue 9. Be sure to include "#NOon9" in your tweet.

Todd McFarland said...

Can't wait to get some signs up, hope they're coming soon.

Randy Simes said...

No on 9!

Andrew said...


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