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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cincinnati Beer Festival on Fountain Square - 9/11

The Cincinnati Beer Festival takes place this Friday, September 11 at 5pm and will last though the night in the heart of Downtown on Fountain Square. The festival will bring a variety of local distributors and brewers for a beer tasting and sampling event perfect for any beer connoisseur.

Event organizers say that you will be able to drink all of your favorite national and local brews, while also being introduced to some you probably have never heard of (always a fun treat). For those lesser known beers there will be staff on hand to help guests learn about the beers they're tasting. Food will be provided by Abuelo's and Washington Platform; and live, "low-key," music will start at 5pm with the last band taking the stage at 9:40pm.

Guests can purchase tickets for 3-oz tastes in batches of 10 for $10. If you really enjoy one of the beers you taste then you can purchase a full 12-oz pour for 4 tickets.

Music Lineup
5:00pm | Wonky Tonk
6:20pm | The Atriums
7:50pm | Mike Fair & the Adventure Seekers
9:40pm | Straw Boss

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