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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Transit video contest(s)

I have recently been made aware of not one, but two video contests going on for transit causes. The first is sponsored by Cincinnatians for Progress and is asking people to submit videos through YouTube that, "describe why Cincinnati should vote NO on the charter amendment." CFP is asking that links to the YouTube videos be sent to

CFP will then share the best videos with Cincinnati's online community, local news media and the winning video will be shown at a special screening event and might even be used in a TV commercial this fall to help defeat the Anti-Passenger Rail Amendment.

The next video contest is being sponsored by the American Public Transit Association and is asking for people to submit videos about why they "dumped the pump." Winning entries in the Dump The Pump Video Contest are eligible to win a year of free transit, an iPod touch and $25 VISA cash cards. Entries must be submitted by September 18th.

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