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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The ShareThis Cincy Blogger Challenge

This is a shameless business plug for a neat Cincinnati-based company, but here goes anyways. Last week some of you might have noticed the subtle change that occurred with each of the articles posted on UrbanCincy. That change was the feature that allows you to easily and quickly share the article you're reading on here with friends/family via email, social networking and so on.

Previously I had used AddThis for no real reason whatsoever other than that's what I figured out the HTML for first and just stuck with it. But the great thing is that AddThis' competitor is Cincinnati-based ShareThis who calls Mt. Lookout home. You can now find the ShareThis feature at the bottom of each post (look for the green icon).

It's a great feature for any weblog out there and given its local base, all of the Cincinnati bloggers should be using it. So I challenge each one of the Cincy bloggers to go out and install the HTML feature on your site so that your readers can start using Share This.

ShareThis currently is used on more than 115,000 websites including ESPN, Fox News, US Weekly, ABC, MTV and local sites like, Soapbox Cincinnati and now UrbanCincy. They also reach approximately 178 million unique people a month.

Learn more here:


Travis Estell said...

Good deal. I'll have to look into adding that to my site and incorporating Cinplify into it as well!

Julie said...

I use this both personally (Firefox plugin) and on the blog-- and have since the Social Media breakfast that Tim Schigel spoke at. It's one of my very favorite plugins-- though it's easy on the end user side, it also has a fantastic dashboard that gives you all sorts of information about how people share your content-- it's great (and local!).

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