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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mia Carruthers and Taking the Stage picked up for second season

I will forever be a celebrity in my own head after the back/side of my head was featured prominently in Mia Carruthers' debut music video that came from Taking The Stage's first episode. At the very end of the video is when I make my move and get a full frontal with the camera as I head back out onto McMillan Street. After we heard Mia perform this song a good six times everyone at Baba Budan's knew the lyrics.

What makes all this relevant is that Taking The Stage has reportedly been picked up for a second season, and will still have the popular @MiaCarruthers on the show with several other yet to be announced cast members. So be on the lookout for MTV's film crews at a random spot around town, because you too could be the next Randy Simes.

If you have trouble viewing the embedded video below, you can watch the video directly on MTV's site here.


VisuaLingual said...

I would love a shot at becoming "the next Randy Simes!" I watched a bit of that show and really couldn't commit the time or energy to care about it, but it is cool that it's set in Cincinnati.

Brian said...

You were a celebrity in your own mind long before your TV debut

love you!

Anonymous said...

Mia's EP comes out in late November!!

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