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Friday, July 24, 2009

Vote for Findlay Market to win $5,000

We as Cincinnatians must recognize just how lucky we are to have a place like Findlay Market to call our own. The cacophony of sounds, sights and smells on a Saturday morning make the area truly legendary.

Now, the market that enjoys such high esteem locally is getting some national recognition. They are in the top dozen nationally in an ongoing contest run by a site called Local Harvest (click on Findlay Market and proceed to vote).

Visitors to the site vote for their favorite market. Out of the 100 markets on the site, Findlay Market ranks 12th. Findlay Market provides some of the freshest locally grown produce, meats and cheeses, and we support our local economic community when we buy from them. And to top it off, the winning market will receive $5,000, so hurry and VOTE today!


Cincinnati Sky said...

I voted! I should really check out Findlay Market sometime. I have never been there and I lived on Clifton for the past 4 years.

Are you guys also supporting CincinnatiInnovates?
If not, you guys should check out my entry!

Randy Simes said...

Thanks Sarma. I've have been following along with Cincinnati Innovates with my fellow people at Soapbox Cincinnati where we've been running weekly videos on entries in the contest. Thanks for sharing yours.

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