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Friday, July 17, 2009

A friendly reminder

This is a friendly reminder about why to vote against the Anti-Passenger Rail Amendment and support the Cincinnati Streetcar, 3C Corridor and Midwest Regional high-speed rail projects, and the Eastern Corridor project.

The Alliance for Regional Transit is taking another group to Portland to see a diversified transit system first-hand. The trip will be taking place from July 23 through 24 and is rumored to once again have another star-studded list of travelers. It must be a giant coincidence or one giant conspiracy that virtually everyone who has gone on the trip, or studied these systems themselves, are all strong supporters of the Cincinnati Streetcar and a larger diversified transit system for the Cincinnati region.


Travis Estell said...

Why do Bill Cunningham, Chris Smitherman, Jason Haap, the members of COAST, and other Streetcar opponents refuse to go on this trip and see the impacts of the system first-hand?

Living in Gin said...

For the leadership of the anti-streetcar movement, I think it says a lot about their motives and their way of thinking that they consistently refuse to go on these trips. It proves that they're far more interested in political grandstanding than in doing what's best for the city. Their primary objective is to build themselves up by tearing the city down.

John Schneider said...

Twice I invited a prominent rail opponent to go to Portland. I even offered to pay his way. He declined because it would "undermine his credibility with his supporters."

COAST said...

WeDemandAVote.Com would be honored to send a representative to Portland at your expense. Please contact to coordinate. Thanks.
-Mark Miller

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