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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

THIS JUST IN: Downtown Cincinnati is an exciting, fun, lively place to experience

I often give people tours of Cincinnati. People that are both from Cincinnati and from out of town. The common thing that I hear is how "shocked" they are that there is so much activity and life in our center city.

This is no shock to the people who spend the majority of their lives there, but I often wonder about these 9-5er's who claim superior knowledge of the place given their location there five days a week for eight hour a day.

These people are just as "shocked" when they come down on the weekend or in the evening for the occasional show or sporting event. But why is it they feel the place "dies" when they leave? Is it just because they only spend the 9-5 there and they assume that everyone else does as well?

Likewise, how many times does it take for a "shocking" experience to no longer be considered a "shock?" Some of these people I have brought into our downtown and beyond make the statement every time. I wonder if it takes five, seven or maybe twenty-two times of experiencing the same scenario to no longer be shocked.

Over time these people will learn and eventually learn that our center city is viable and is an exciting place to not only work, but live and play as well. If you don't believe me ask one of the thousands of downtown residents, or the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of visitors that come downtown for entertainment each year.


Andrew said...

i know there have been studies done about how many times a person needs to see a tv commercial before they 1. actually remember it and 2. will buy the product. it's probably the same with a location.

Anonymous said...

I think it's shocking for those who are local Cincinnatians who lived here all their life, industrial, blue-collar, and don't realize the riots have been over since 2001.

Quimbob said...

People need to be ready to listen. You can tell a guy the sky is blue all day long but he won't care til he looks up & asks, "What color is the sky ?".
You're gonna be answering the same streetcar questions every day from now til November.

Ramzi said...

I still have friends tell me there's nothing to do in Cincinnati. WTF? My wife to be and I can never do 2% of the things that are going on. There's always art galleries, wine tastings, concerts, fund raisers, sports, happy hours, foodie events, festivals, etc. People can be really stupid sometimes. It's amazing, even radio DJ's (1530, 700, 96.5 come to mind) complain how there's nothing to do here. I'm not sure what there ISN'T to do here, other than an ocean to play in, of course!

Quimbob said...

Downtown golf course ?

Andrew said...

when people tell me it's boring here, i always tell them THEY are boring and walk away. really, they're just uncreative people that like to complain and i don't want to be around them.

Dave Reid said...

I think this is a common belief about smaller city's downtowns. I get the very same response about downtown Milwaukee.

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