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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Phoenix light rail

"The population in the United States is now increasingly urban, which makes the relationship between land use policies and transportation policies that much more important, because we are accommodating so much more growth in cities we need to be able to have the funding to provide alternative forms of transportation. We have a budding light rail system that we need to continue throughout the city."

-Maria Baier, Phoenix City Council

"We've seen $7 billion in both public and private investment along the light rail line, because they want to be where light rail is and so it tends to be a huge factor in the vitality of your downtown. I'm sure that you will take a picture of some of the construction going along here. Those decisions were made based on having the light rail line here."

-Maria Hyatt, Assistant to Phoenix City Manager


John said...

it's nice to finally see a built, working example of a tram in a US city.

maybe this will show people that portland, isn't the only city that knows what's up.

i am so sick of hearing about portland and the false microcosm of perfection that us cities tend to bestow on it.

Rob said...

My sister lives in Mesa, AZ and the light rail goes right past her apartment. Her and her boyfriend take it everywhere.. work, school, the store. They rarely use their car.

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