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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ohio and Greece

A special thanks goes out to Strange Maps for putting this particularly interesting map together. It's pretty simple, it overlays a flag of another country over a US state with a comparable population. In this case our beloved Ohio (11,485,910) compares to Greece (11,216,708).

Some other Greek connections include Cincinnati's strong Greek community that will celebrate the 35th Annual Panegyri Greek Festival the weekend of June 26. The Cincinnati Greek community also brought us Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili.

It's also worth noting a couple of my favorite Gyro places around town - Chicago Gyro and Sebastian's Gyros. They are both fantastic, but Chicago Gyro is more centrally located and has slightly better tzatziki sauce. Sebastian's will lure you over to the westside and treat you with its cozy feel.

Courtesy of Strange Maps - click image for larger version


Quimbob said...

That site is nuts.

k said...

love the sebastian's! it amazes me how many greek-influenced (and owned) restaurants there are on the westside

Derek said...

Although not specifically a Greek joint, nor a sit down restaurant, Mediterranean Foods on Ludlow Ave. has the best Gyros in the city.

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