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Monday, June 29, 2009

The next phase for UrbanCincy

As of today I have started a new job in Atlanta that will have me traveling all over for the next year or so. In the mean time I will still be running UrbanCincy as always and look to engage additional writers and contributors to those currently on staff.

I will be back and forth between Atlanta and Cincinnati, but will not be able to provide that grassroots level commentary as much as I would like (this is where the writers come in). I will be taking what I learn from my travels and relay that information to you while offering up solutions to problems we have in Cincinnati, or just offer up ways in which we could be an even better city.

I will also continue to relay information about what is going on in Cincinnati's urban core in terms of events, discussions and opportunities to get involved. Hopefully this site is both informational and insightful regarding Cincinnati's urban life. The first two years have been great and steady growth continues to be realized. I can't wait to look forward and see what the next two years bring for UrbanCincy and Cincinnati.

If you are interested in contributing to UrbanCincy please email and include you name, background, areas of interest, why you want to contribute. I would also love hearing your thoughts on Cincinnati so feel free to ramble.

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