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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

'The New Neighbors' film premier

The New Neighbors PBS documentary will premier in Cincinnati on Friday, June 5th at the University of Cincinnati's Kaplan Theater. Cincinnatians are invited to come and celebrate the region's diverse neighborhoods and discuss ways to maintain and grow them.

The New Neighbors: How One Town Created A Vibrant, Integrated Suburb tells the story of how a suburban town in New Jersey successfully reversed segregation and built a vibrant, integrated community. The award-winning filmmaker and Clifton resident, Andrea Torrice will be at the premier hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Commitment Alliance as part of the Agenda 360's Transformational Dialog.

Following the screening, those in attendance will be invited to participate in a discussion about the next steps needed to strengthen and promote intentionally-integrated communities in the Cincinnati region. Those in attendance will then be encouraged to "walk the talk" and have dinner at one of the great ethnic restaurants in an Uptown neighborhood surrounding the university.

Agenda 360 has made building a more welcoming community a primary focus for improving the Cincinnati region's future economic prosperity and quality of life. The Agenda 360 Action Plan calls for attracting 150,000 additional people to the region's workforce between the ages of 20-34 by 2020.

The event will begin at 6pm at the University of Cincinnati's DAAP building in room 5401. There is a $10 suggested donation, but the event is free to all UC students, faculty and staff. Proceeds will help fund the Greater Cincinnati Commitment Alliance that works towards the goals of making the Cincinnati region a welcoming and inclusive model for the nation and world.

You can sign up by calling (513) 579-3111 or by visiting this website.


Travis Estell said...

And, we will be speaking to an assistant to the filmmaker on today's episode of Explore Cincinnati!

Jim Uber said...

Rats - I had to miss this. Does anyone know where else I could catch it?

Quimbob said...

It's supposed to be on tv sometime, I think.
Here is the Dan Hurley interview with Andrea Torrice.

Travis Estell said...

Yeah, both parts will be shown on PBS in the fall.

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