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Thursday, June 18, 2009

MuralWorks '09

You may have noticed some scaffolding on the south facing wall of the building that houses the popular Park+Vine store at Central Parkway and Vine Street. It has come to my attention that this scaffolding is there for the prep work that started today.

This prep work is for what will be one of ArtWorks' 2009 MuralWorks locations. The popular city-beautification program can be seen all throughout the city (map/images of all MuralWorks projects). This particular mural location will cover up a large blank wall along Central Parkway and become the fourth prominent mural along that stretch of road.

Owner of Park+Vine, Dan Korman, does not yet know what the design will be but he says that he has been hoping for a mural there for some time. "I hope it has bikes," says Korman who is a prominent local bicycle advocate.

MuralWorks is a program that works with teenage and professional artists as well as community members to create murals, and has the goal of creating these murals in every Cincinnati neighborhood. In 2008, MuralWorks completed nine murals in eight different city neighborhoods.

Image taken from Google Street View


Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I can't wait to see what the end product will be.

Travis Estell said...

If Ohio can make Bicentennial Barns a tourist attraction, we can make Urban Murals one for Cincinnati.

Randy Simes said...

Philadelphia has been successful at that Travis.

AMCFacet said...

eeeeep. I live in this building, I can't wait for them to start. I applied to artworks this year, but they didn't hire me. I just wish they would reconsider since they are mural-ing on my apartment building. :D

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