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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This Week In Soapbox 5/26

This Week In Soapbox (TWIS) you can read about the Gateway Quarter Expansion Tour coming up this weekend, positive changes happening in downtown Hamilton, new businesses opening in Over-the-Rhine, update on the City's pilot sharrow program, a century old church being converted into condos in Bellevue and the City's efforts to clean up and redevelop a downtrodden piece of property in the West End.

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TWIS 5/26:
  • Gateway Quarter celebrates latest additions with Expansion Tour - full article
  • Downtown Hamilton reimagining center city through development and arts - full article
  • New businesses opening in Over-the-Rhine - full article
  • Sharrows coming to a street near you - full article
  • Century old church in Bellevue to be converted into contemporary lofts - full article
  • Cincinnati applies for funds to redevelop Providence North site - full article


Paul Wallpe said...

The City of Cincinnati's mind games require a two-part response: first, a clarification of the prognosis implied by my previous letter; and second, a commentary on The City of Cincinnati's own prognoses. Before I say anything else, let me remind The City of Cincinnati that its fantasy is to renege on an incredibly large number of promises. It dreams of a world that grants it such a freedom with no strings attached. Welcome to the world of favoritism! In that nightmare world it has long since been forgotten that no one—except The City of Cincinnati, so high on its own hallucinations that it believes them to be real—can seriously believe that it can walk on water. The mere mention of that fact guarantees that this letter will never get published in any mass-circulation periodical that The City of Cincinnati has any control over. But that's inconsequential because The City of Cincinnati's handling of the situation has not been a comedy of errors, but a tragedy of errors. (Note the heroic restraint stopping me from saying that The City of Cincinnati is a drooling, hydra-headed monster of force and terror.)

The City of Cincinnati somehow manages to get away with spreading lies (its way of life is correct and everyone else's isn't), distortions (it does the things it does "for the children"), and misplaced idealism (society is supposed to be lenient towards doctrinaire, ultra-addlepated so-called experts). However, when I try to respond in kind, I get censored faster than you can say "unproportionableness". If I weren't so forgiving, I'd have to say that by allowing The City of Cincinnati to relabel millions of people as "self-centered" we are selling our souls for dross. Instead, we should be striving to report as best as possible the facts and circumstances surrounding its self-righteous scribblings.

The City of Cincinnati presents itself as a disinterested classicist lamenting the infusion of politically motivated methods of pedagogy and analysis into higher education. It is eloquent in its denunciation of modern scholarship, claiming it favors the worst kinds of harebrained individuals there are. And here we have the ultimate irony because each rung on the ladder of paternalism is a crisis of some kind. Each crisis supplies an excuse for The City of Cincinnati to irritate an incredible number of people. That is the standard process by which testy brutes elevate The City of Cincinnati's sound bites to prominence as epistemological principles. The recent outrage at The City of Cincinnati's threats may point to a brighter future. For now, however, I must leave you knowing that The City of Cincinnati's perceptions are amalgams of popular themes among jealous franions, abysmal bottom-feeders, and prodigal tossers.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wallpe forgot to mention that he is a well documented slum lord who believes the rules he doesn't like shouldn't apply to him.

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