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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Week In Soapbox 5/19

This Week In Soapbox (TWIS) you can read about Rookwood Pottery's new OTR digs, new restaurants in College Hill and Newport, downtown Cincinnati residential trends, new life for the historic Crosley Building in Camp Washington, a new water sports complex on Cincinnati's upper westside and my feature article on Ohio's 3-C Corridor that would introduce high-speed rail to Ohio's primary metropolitan areas.

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TWIS 5/19:
  • Linking Ohio through the power of rail - full article
  • College Hill business district welcomes Shhhhh Restaurant - full article
  • Historic Crosley Building may see new life - full article
  • Rookwood Pottery completes first phase of $18M rehabilitation project in OTR - full article
  • Newport Pizza Co. adds locally owned pizzeria to Monmouth - full article
  • Wake Nation brings water sports thrill to Midwest with new Cincinnati park - full article
  • Downtown Cincinnati experiencing steady population growth and stable selling prices - full article

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Upper West Side? Fairfield is not the West Side, nor is it any side except perhaps the "North Side".

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