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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Soapbox articles 5/5

In addition to running UrbanCincy, working and going to school I am now also writing for Soapbox Cincinnati. I write the articles for the Development News section and my first articles are in this week's edition that came out today.

Feel free to go and check out the following stories and please sign up for the weekly Soapbox E-Zine so that you don't miss an issue.

In this week's issue you will find the following articles written by yours truly:
  • Urban gardening taking root in Cincinnati - full article
  • Queensgate Terminals project heats up - full article
  • Historic house tours fill Mother's Day weekend - full article
  • New Cincinnati Herald building wins regional award for green building techniques - full article
  • New residents drive 28% growth for Findlay Market, new Biergarten and extended hours - full article
  • Christopher Marcus Salon opens downtown location - full article

Also be sure to check out the following In The News bits:
  • Cincinnati's Gateway Quarter and the Streetcar - full article
  • Hamilton County unveils new development process - full article
  • UC dancers on top of the world - full article
  • NIEHS teams with federal and city groups to conduct disaster response training exercise - full article
  • Ohio wins national award for alternative-fuel-use scorecard - full article
  • St. E’s roof will bloom in July - full article
  • An upscale pastry store thrives by finding new markets - full article
  • Terry's Turf Club makes Food Network Magazine's "ultimate burger" list - full article


Mark Miller said...

All good articles. It's tough following a top talent like Kevin Lemaster, but you held your own rather nicely. We shall be expecting great things from you.

Brian & Eric said...

Great work Randy. I love that we have folks like you (and Kevin) in this community - those who care about the physical environment and can write about it in a way that makes it compelling to others. Congrats on an impressive debut.

Randy Simes said...

Thanks for the kind words Mark and Eric. Kevin does tremendous work and I do not anticipate being able to replicate his talent. I plan on bringing a slightly different writing style and focus to the table that I think will be both interesting and informative for Soapbox readers. The bar has definitely been set high though.

Kevin LeMaster said...

Thanks for the nice words, guys!

Best of luck with Soapbox, Randy!

Anonymous said...

welcome aboard Randy!


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