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Friday, May 8, 2009

Five Guys, Donatos joining the Clifton Heights restaurant mix

If you're one of those people with an insatiable appetite for more dining option in Clifton Heights then this will be exciting news for you - Cincinnati's first Five Guys Burgers and Fries location will be opening up along Calhoun Street at the base of the University Park apartment building.

Donatos will also be opening up a location in the same building which will make this their first location in the Uptown area.

Both are going to be great additions since 1) college students can never have enough pizza and Donatos offers some good subs to boot and 2) Five Guys is amazing and will be the first real burger joint for the university area and like I said...great stuff.

With these two new additions it will nearly fill up the street-level retail space along Calhoun Street created by University Park. The majority is filled by restaurant tenants (Panera Bread, Currito, BW3, Potbelly) although there is also a 5/3 Banking Center, FedEx Office, T-Mobile and GameStop. A Ben & Jerry's closed down last year.

Still lacking in that general area in terms of retail would be an affordable, yet attractive clothing store. I have always said that I think a Aeropostale would do tremendous business there. They used to advertise a lot at university events and their key demographic seems to be college students and that age group. Just throwing it out there.

Also noteworthy is that the Wendy's inside UC's Tangeman University Center will be replaced by a Burger King, Jump (asian food) will be replaced by "sushi concept" run by UC's food services and Freshens will be leaving with a Chic-fil-A taking its spot.

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Cincinnati NAMjA said...

it will be nice to have a burger joint on campus...something othe than the same ol' same ol'.

Anonymous said...

Aeropostale is trashy. The area definitely does NOT need one of those, nor does any area for that matter!

igon said...

chain, chain, chain, chain, chain, chain...

Whatever though, it works...however some indy bar or restaurant would certainly add something a little more unique to the mix..

dminus said...

Yes a chain burger restaurant will be really special.

Randy Simes said...

With the rents that exist here I would expect nothing but chains to be able to afford space there. Luckily for the surrounding area there are plenty of great spots for local businesses.

Just down the street is the area around Dubois where many local businesses are thriving. Then you have plenty of good space on Short Vine that is being underutilized.

5chw4r7z said...

Chains have their place, and like it or not, they come with a built in clientele and can therefore afford the rent.
If not a Aeropostale, maybe an Old Navy.
I've never ate at a Five Guys Burgers and Fries, so I'm looking forward to that one.
Once the streetcar is in, I'd be up in Clifton more often, burgers and Panera.

Travis Estell said...

I'm sure some people can live their entire lives without buying anything from chains, but most people aren't going to go to that effort. I try my best to support the local businesses such as the ones in the "Old Town Business District" (which includes Dubois, Baba Budan's, Thai Express, Cilantro, etc.), but I don't see anything wrong with having Panera and Donatos within walking distance of UPA and campus.

Randy Simes said...

I try to avoid most all chains like the plague out of my desire to support local businesses, but some chains are successful because they're good. Graeter's is in that transition now of becoming a national act and it's not because they're this evil company...but rather they're a local business that was extremely successful.

I'm going to continue to support my local businesses, but I'll also be stopping into places like Five Guys for a quick burger and fatty fix from time to time.

theboilover said...

I used to go to five guys when I lived in DC, and there were only 5 restaurants owned by the 5 brothers. Too me it is a local chain that is finally making it out here. Yayyyyy!

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