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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

College Hill Coffee Co. a great anchor to a great NBD

The College Hill neighborhood business district (NBD) is one of my newest favorite NBDs in Cincinnati. It's not often that I'm up that way, but I think I'll be heading there more often after my past few experiences that have left me wanting more out of that neighborhood.

College Hill Coffee Co. is located at the northern end of the business district and is a third place and anchor for the neighborhood. I spent last Wednesday there and it didn't seem like that long until I looked down at my watch and realized I had spent over three hours there.

They have some great coffee, good food offerings, table service, a small retail area and a comfortable environment to hang out that features free wi-fi. Here are a few pictures I grabbed of the interior while I was there.

College Hill Coffee on Urbanspoon


Mike J. said...

Good review although as someone who worked down the street from CHCC for years I've got to say that its a little sub-par (the restaurant not the review).

Everything is priced just a little higher than what it ought to be, food portions are small, the coffee is frequently lukewarm or cold and for some reason served in a tea cup instead of a coffee mug.

All that being said it is a great environment and while the service staff is sometimes slow and even negligent they are always friendly and its nice to become a regular there. After months of overpriced lunches and sub-par coffee experiences I started heading the other way on Hamilton Ave. towards Sidewinders in Northside. I still stop by CHCC every once in a while just to support their efforts in the community.

If you want to stay in the same district you should check out Bacalls a few doors down. Great food, about the same prices and really friendly staff.

Randy Simes said...

^Well I must say I didn't experience the prices there since I was treated, but the food/coffee was good. When we were there they brought the coffee out in little pitchers for us to fill our our mugs as we needed...and was both hot and fresh.

Haven't yet been to BaCalls Cafe, so that will have to be my next does look slightly less coffee shopish though.

Quimbob said...

The College Hill Business District is alarming. 15-20 years ago I don't think there was a vacancy on the whole strip.
They have lost a good German restaurant, a pharmacy, an appliance store, a large family restaurant, a supermarket, at least one bank branch, a record store, a wine store, a BMV office, a couple buildings just burned down - and virtually nothing gets replaced. The movie theater was replaced with some kind of church.
For eats, you have the coffee shop, Bacalls and you have to check out Goodies. But that's about it. If that Chinese place is still open - avoid it at all costs.
American Heritage Flooring is one of the only new places up there. The guy running it seems to be a good guy a real neighborhood booster.
St Theresa's Textile Treasure Trove is cool as hell.
There is one little quickie mart that, as bad as the BD is doing, everybody in the neighborhood would love to see it go away.
Seriously, the decline of that NBD is just amazing. There's still some outrageously cool houses up there, tho.

Randy Simes said...

A new restaurant will be opening this Friday in the old Woolworths space on Hamilton Avenue. The new place is a Creole style restaurant called "Shhhhh Restaurant" with a contemporary Louisiana feel and will have live Jazz music on the weekends. More on that coming soon.

Quimbob said...

Bien, mwen na gra dekwa.

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