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Monday, April 20, 2009

Metro debuts new hybrid buses

Metro will debut the first 6 of their 15 new hybrid buses on Tuesday, April 21st. The ceremony (10:30am) will take place at the Twin Lakes Overlook in Eden Park where Mayor Mallory, ODOT and others will dedicate the new buses that will then be paraded (11:00am) through Eden Park, past Mirror Lake and into downtown via 5th Street to Fountain Square.

The new hybrid buses will have a "unique go*GREEN hybrid design" that will reduce soot and hydrocarbon emissions by at least 90% and use about 30% less fuel that the typical Metro bus. Additional hybrid buses will be purchased next year with some of the $17.5 million that Metro received from stimulus funds in March.

The 6 new hybrid buses will go into service the next day and will be featured in a lunchtime Earth Day event on Fountain Square before officially being launched into service at 1pm. At the Earth Day event, there will be a fashion show of "environmentally-conscience and bike beautiful" fashions. The models will arrive on the new hybrid buses and will use the Flower Carpet, on Fountain Square, as their runway. Visitors will also be able to check out the new hybrid buses and get more information on Metro during the event.

To learn more about Metro's new hybrid buses check out this interactive diagram.


Radarman said...

Good news. It would be even better if the manufacturers had taken noise into consideration. Buses are way too loud. They don't have to be. A Megabus sneaked up on me last week. It was no louder than a car.

Travis Estell said...

I'm curious to see how effective hybrid buses are in Cincinnati. In many cities, they have found that the fuel savings are not enough to justify the additional cost of a hybrid bus. But with Cincinnati being so hilly, I would think hybrid buses will save a decent amount of fuel (due to regenerative breaking).

Mark Stegman said...

It is so great to see our city making headway toward lowering our city's production of poisonous gaseous; it inspires me to review my own behaviors and see what else I can do to decrease my own carbon footprint. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

radarman... the diesel-electric hybrid buses are much much quieter than standard buses... a great side benefit to the reduced emissions!

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