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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mainstay Rock Bar opens downtown

5chw4r7z has reported that Mainstay Rock Bar is now open at the SW corner of 5th & Plum in downtown Cincinnati.

Mainstay Rock Bar (GoogleMap) has introduced a fresh look and feel to the former Poison Room space. The building is now more open to the street and boasts an interesting decor and features that should keep all of our rock-lovers out there happy.

From the owners:
"MAINSTAY takes a plush sexy lounge with brown leather seating and gives it a strong, edgy rock & roll vibe. You're not gonna hear hip hop, mash-ups, drum & amp; bass, downtempo, or trancey house music at MAINSTAY. Think more along the lines of classic and modern rock with a twist. Framed photos of rock stars line the walls, and the bar mixes up a tasty list of specialty cocktails. MAINSTAY is a new venue with a tribute to all things rock & roll. Dual DJ booths and a stage fit for a rock star, or a band of them, allows for multiple live entertainment options."


Travis Estell said...

Looks classier than the Viper/Poison Room for sure. From the photos though, it doesn't look like they fixed the problems with the stage -- the pole blocking the view right in the middle, and being far too high. But I'll look at it with my own eyes before I made a final judgement. :)

Adam Hawkins said...

No hip-hop... I like it already. =)

Kevin LeMaster said...

Blecch...went Saturday, not impressed.

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