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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All-Star showing for Cincy in 2013?

The Cincinnati Enquirer's John Fay is reporting that the Reds are "actively pursuing" for an All-Star Game to come to Cincinnati in 2013.

It seems like a relatively long time away, but in All-Star Game terms it's not. St. Louis will host the game this year, Los Angeles (Anaheim) has 2010 and Arizona will have 2011. Boston is rumored to be the favorite for 2012, but Kansas City is also in the mix for 2012 or 2014.

The game alternates between AL and NL locations, so that leaves 2013, 2015 and 2017 as the next options for Cincinnati to get its fifth All-Star Game and first at Great American Ballpark that opened for the 2003 season.

First generation rendering of Great American Ballpark and its then future surroundings - from Hamilton County

The timeline works fine with me as the first phase of The Banks and the Central Riverfront Park will be complete. The Great American Tower (Queen City Square) will also be finished; and if we're really lucky, so will the first phase of the proposed streetcar system. Talk about making a good impression.

At the same time work will be underway for future phases of The Banks, Central Riverfront Park and (once again if we're lucky) the proposed streetcar system. I'm glad we didn't get an All-Star Game immediately after the opening of Great American Ballpark. I'd much rather have the out-of-towners come in and experience the revitalized Cincinnati and see that we have a lot more to offer than the nostalgia of WKRP.


John said...

what an interesting rendering...

it's nice to see the large 'paddle monument' in its conceptual contextual environment - instead of sitting in a barren wasteland with nothing around it...

it seems as if there's a bunch of these projects sitting along the river on the ohio side (the ky side is no better - if anything, southshore chops the ky riverside into 2->newport/bellevue)... large monuments/buildings that make no sense on their own. and the connector that's being proposed/built between them (the banks) looks like a rather uninspiring clump of extruded boxes along the site's borders.

don't you ever wonder what visitors to the city think when they see a large paddle sitting on a pedestal next to the river... with nothing around it?

Sure, they might make the connection of river+paddle=ah-ha. but what does it really do for the city? and in what ways can the city's residents enjoy it... if at all...

context context context.

Randy Simes said...

The large paddle is a bit of an island as it currently stands, but I think that will be improved once the new Central Riverfront Park is complete and connects with the riverfront parks to the east. This will bring walkers, joggers, bicyclists, etc all right past the monument...hopefully making it more relevant.

Presently though it does make for a nice backdrop for Reds fans.

John said...

i agree; once connected - it will be signif. in many many ways.

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