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Friday, March 13, 2009

Taking the Stage

The Nick Lachey pitched reality show about life as a student at Cincinnati's nationally known School of Creative & Performing Arts (part of Cincinnati Public Schools) with be premiering on MTV Thursday, March 19th.

I actually got to be in a scene with Mia at Baba Budan's in Clifton Heights. I was there hanging out in between classes with a couple friends and in came MTV with their cameras. I signed a release and was then part of the crowd in the shot. Pretty keep a look out for the back of my head.

The ten episode series, Taking The Stage, will air weekly on MTV at 10pm. You will be able to watch the show on Fountain Square's video board live each week. In the mean time check out the trailer here!


Ronny Salerno said...

Gotta be honest. I really have no desire to watch this because MTV shows usually suck. However, I really wanna see the views they show of the city. This could do a lot to promote a positive image of Cincinnati!

Anonymous said...

Not all their shows suck. The True Life "I'm going to the Jersey Shore" was great. As was the Real World "Hawaii" and Episode 4 of The Hills Season 1 and Episode 2 of City.

Anonymous said...

Will this actually do much to portray the city in a good way? At least twice in that preview I heard "I don't want to be in Ohio forever" and "This could get me out of Cincinnati."

Is this going to be something that's saying, in a middle of a place they don't want to be, they're working to get out. Or will it be, somewhere where you might not have expected there is something great.

I'm just not sure. Plus it's MTV.

Randy Simes said...

I thought the same thing about the people saying they want to get out of Ohio and Cincinnati. But lets be honest, if you're choreographer, hip-hop dancer, or ballerina you really have to leave to go where those industries are. I'm not sure many viewers, outside of Cincinnati, will view that as a negative thing...they'll just view it as reality.

What I think people will take out of the show is that there is a thriving performing arts scene in Cincinnati with lots of young talent. It will also show Cincinnati in something other than the same old Midwestern view that is often portrayed.

Even if there are negative elements, it should be a net gain thanks to hopefully creating some new perspectives of this "flyover" city.

I know I'll be watching even though I haven't watched MTV since Middle School.

Travis Estell said...

I think people will understand the "gotta leave Cincinnati" comments and not look down on the city because of it. But I just wonder if the show will actually show other aspects of the city that might improve its image across the country.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Nick Lachey would put something out there that would negatively portray this city.

Anonymous said...

Lachey has always been good about positively portraying our city. The choir thing was great, and the show had great views of our skyline, fountain sqauare, Graeters, etc. It even had Lachey going to downtown on a street trolley. haha. I'm sure this will be fine, but I guess we'll see.

Unknown said...

Hey Randy, I saw the back of your head in the first episode. And the front of your face was got in there for a split second. Nice work! :)

Anonymous said...

TAKING THE STAGE IS HOT, trust me, it is very intriguing, and different. if you are very artistic and have a creative attitude about everything, You should love it. it is very contemporary," la vie boheme" type.

Trsut me Watch it

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