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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back soon...

Sorry about the lack of articles lately. I have been traveling all over Greece and haven't had the time or internet connection to write new content. I'll be back in Cincinnati April 6th with lots of new stuff then, but in the mean time just bear with me.

Just to make you jealous. Here was the view from my front porch in Oia for the past week on the Greek island of Santorini.

Breakfast spot for the past week outside of my room in Oia...the island of Thirisia is seen in this photo.

Looking from my room out over the rest of Oia


Anonymous said...

Someone's got rich parents, huh?

Mark Kinne said...

Enjoy it dude, and try asking someone "poo inay y ynekias tah poso kani" good times...

Randy Simes said...


Nope...try professors with connections and off season for tourism in Greece.

Quimbob said...

you suck
So, I have a question.
How do ancient ruins play into modern urban planning ?
Can America ever have crumbling Parthenons, Coliseums, Sphinxes & stuff ?
yeah, we got Mt Rushmore...
The best Cincinnati has is that thing down on Sawyer Point that has been defaced with red bars.
heck, cemeteries aren't even safe here.
Seems like keeping things around like that requires a spirituality we just don't have in America.

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