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Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome UrbanCincy's New Writers

In an effort to increase the quantity and quality of the content on UrbanCincy four new writers have been added to the roster for a total of five altogether. All of them have contributed in one way, shape or form to UrbanCincy over the years.

Sherman Cahal (Over-the-Rhine), has been with UrbanCincy for several months now contributing content about Cincinnati's history, bicycling community, and photography. He will continue with these roles and look to continue to develop new ideas and content for the site.

Brad Hawse (The Heights), is a returning writer and will look to fill us in on what is happening with Cincinnati's YP community, the Uptown area, and other general news/info.

Chris St. Pierre (CUF), is a new member who will be adding in his expertise on political/legal issues and transportation policy.

Travis Estell (CUF), is the Technology Director for Bearcast Radio and runs the weekly Explore Cincinnati radio show (Fridays @ 10am). Travis will keep us informed on university related items, business news, infrastructure, and local media quips.

Adam Hawkins (Western Hills), has helped UrbanCincy in the past with theatre/performance reviews and will continue to contribute on that front in addition to photography and general musings from a Cincinnati westsider.

If there are certain topics that you think UrbanCincy spends too much or too little time on please let us know. We hope to be able to make the site a more comprehensive place to get all your information on Cincinnati and its urban core. Please feel free to get to know these new writers through their profile links in the left column, and share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

Chris S said...

Well life has been a little hectic this weekend, but just wanted to say "Hi". I'll have more to write about on the transportation front in the next week or so :)

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