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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Watch the streetcar debate!

In case you missed it last week, you can now watch the streetcar debate for yourself between John Schneider and Jason Haap. A special thanks goes out to UrbanCincy's newest writer Travis Estell, from Bearcast Radio, for doing the audio and video editing and organizing the production of the whole thing.

You can listen to Travis' weekly show, Explore Cincinnati, on Bearcast Radio (stream live on your computer) tomorrow at 10am. Special guest Mark Miller from COAST will be on the phone to discuss the Inwood Village development project, and COAST's opposition to the use of city funds to structurally secure the historic site.


Brianne said...

Thanks for the re-play, this was worth the watch!

If you could sumamrize the pro arguements and con arguements into a bulleted list, it would become really obvious what was a rational arguement and what was an emotional or reactionary arguement.

Randy Simes said...

^Great idea Brianne. I'll see what I can put together over the next day or so.

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