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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thanks for the memories Huggs

A brief tribute video for former Bearcats basketball coach Bob Huggins. Huggins was back in town to play the Bearcats with his West Virginia Mountaineers team on Thursday. The tribute was gracious - the game not so much as the Bearcats went on to beat the Mountaineers and improve to 18-10 overall and 8-7 in the Big East.

Hopefully this is a cathartic moment for the many basketball fans that never really got over the departure of Huggins. Mick Cronin has done a heck of a job and has achieved success earlier that what many people thought possible.

Thanks for the memories Huggs. Go Bearcats!

1 comment:

Mark Miller said...

I'd like to thank Huggs.

My generation at UC had no teams to speak of. The Oscar Robertson era was long gone, and the Huggins era was a decade away. Sports were a complete non-issue.

Huggs deserves all kinds of credit for reminding University leaders that excellence in any endeavor brings honor to the institution. I think previous administrations poo-pooed athletic accomplishment as somehow detracting from intellectual seriousness.

The ancient greeks knew all too well that true quality entails excellence in mind, body AND spirit. Thankfully UC seems to get that now.

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