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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Streetcar debate tomorrow at UC

The CincyStreetcar Blog informs us that there will be an Urban Transportation Debate in regards to the streetcar proposal here in Cincinnati. The event is being hosted by the Center for Sustainable Urban Environments at the University of Cincinnati.

The debate will be held Thursday, February 12th at 4pm inside Swift Hall Room 500 (GoogleMap) on UC’s Main Campus. The debate will pit streetcar proponent John Schneider against streetcar opponent Jason Haap.

John Schneider vs. Jason Haap

John Schneider is Chairman of the Alliance for Regional Transit and Managing Director for First Valley Corp. He has been taking Cincinnatians to tour Portland to see its modern streetcar and light rail systems for several years. John was also one of the driving forces behind the burying and narrowing of Fort Washington Way which has led to the mega riverfront development known as The Banks. Jason Haap is Publisher for the Cincinnati Beacon – a blog turned published opinion paper.

There is no posted ending time for the debate, but everyone is invited to continue the discussion over coffee and food at TAZA afterwards. There is also a Facebook event page for this that you can RSVP to and share with your friends.


N_O_R_T_O_N said...

Wow - this promises to be a legendary event. Can't wait!!

Travis Estell said...

We recorded the audio and filmed this debate tonight. The audio will be airing on "Explore Cincinnati", tomorrow at 10am on Bearcast Radio. I will be editing the video and posting it online as soon as possible.

Randy Simes said...

^That's great Travis, thanks. I was told by a friend that the audio/video setup looked very professional and they wanted to know who was in charge of it. Nice work.

Quimbob said...

uh, link ?

Travis Estell said...

Quimbob said...

Mecklenborg made great points. Maybe he can do a debate in the future (don't want Schneider to burn out).
Haap was indeed using populism and obfuscation as a primary tactic. His arguments about sustainability and his personal choices that are obviously unsustainable really make you wonder.
Thing is, people don't listen until they want to. The points made are going to need to be made over and over and people like Haap are going to throw up barriers at every turn.
I am still amazed COAST & NAACP chose him to be a spokesman.
Also, the ballot issue those guys have proposed is about nothing but rail. Haap needs to reread the language.

Anonymous said...

The Beacon is deleting comments critical of their position against Streetcars.

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