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Thursday, January 22, 2009

UrbanCincy and the Streetsblog Network

This website is proud to be the first Cincinnati-area blog to become a member of the Streetsblog Network. This national blog network is focused on sustainable transport, smart growth, and livable streets issues.

The network serves as a “one-stop shop for transportation policy goodness” with over 170 blogs contributing their best work from a local perspective all over the nation. If you feel that another blog, or your own, is qualified to be a part of this network then please fill out the nomination form and start contributing today.

UrbanCincy hopes to contribute its local perspective on transportation and smart growth issues here in Cincinnati. This will extend beyond the normal coverage of Cincinnati’s modern streetcar proposal and also cover topics such as complete streets, development patterns, and livability issues. Help UrbanCincy accomplish this goal by offering specific topics to cover. As always, share your thoughts on the issues through the comment section provided with each article.

NOTE: UrbanCincy's good friend, CincyStreetcar Blog, has also become a member of this national network within the past day. View its Streetsblog Network profile here.


Charlie Green said...

Congrats on getting your street cred, um, dawg.

Anonymous said...

you say you're a young professional but you manage to post during the day at the most random times when the rest of us are at work... how do you manage that?

Randy Simes said...

You draft up articles then copy/paste them into publishing form. It takes a good 30 seconds.

Thanks for reading while you're at work...if it weren't for people like you the site's traffic would be much lower as daytime workers make up the majority of visits.

Chris Lamping said...

Congrats! I remember stumbling on streetsblog a few months ago and being really impressed.

Anonymous said...

...simes is a student not a professional...


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