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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Skate for cheap on Fountain Square

Cincinnati's popular ice rink on Fountain Square is open every day through February 22nd, and thanks to some special deals you can take advantage of this seasonal attraction for as little as $1.03.

Skate rental will still be the same ($2.50) each time you visit, but the rink won't be up for much longer so you should take advantage of it and these deals while they last. If you're one of those young people taking advantage of the noon-5pm special I would recommend getting down there for some lunch (try Javier's for something good, warm, local, and cheap) and then hitting up the rink.

Families should get down there and then enjoy a carriage ride around Downtown on those lazy Sunday afternoons. Maybe grab some breakfast at Tazza Mia before you set the kids lose on the ice rink. And for the DJ and Radio Skates I would recommend hitting up a nearby happy hour before hand to really get the party started and make things a little interesting out there on the ice rink.

  • Radio Skates, every Friday from 6-10pm through 2/20. Kiss 107 FM and Mojo 100.3 FM will offer admission for $1.07 and $1.03 respectively.
  • DJ Skates, every Saturday from 7-10pm between 1/10 and 2/21. Regular admission ($2.50) but skaters will enjoy free entertainment from a DJ.
  • Family Skates, every Sunday from 10am-2pm. Children under 12 years of age get free admission and will be joined by a host of characters like Rufus the Library Dog (1/11).
  • High School/College Nights, Monday through Friday every week from noon-5pm. High school and college students, with a valid student ID, skate for free.
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Tina L. Hook said...

I am very new to the city so I appreciate your content. I may give this whole ice skating thing a try. If you spot anyone on the ice falling on their bum, that would be me.

Randy Simes said...

Please come back and comment as to how your ice skating experience was.

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