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Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Promise

With each new year there is new hope. We hope that we can change ourselves for the better and we hope that others try to do the same. In Cincinnati this is no different.

UrbanCincy's goal has been to connect Cincinnatians throughout the tri-state with the events and news going on in the urban core. Too often this is an area that is overlooked by the local mainstream media except for the most obvious of news or the most depressing.

UrbanCincy pledges to continue to be a spot where the news relevant to Cincinnati's urban core will be a focus. If it is good news, then it will be portrayed as such. Most importantly though, if it is bad news then a positive solution will be presented so that we can look at our faults in a proactive manner.

If there are any stories, news items, or areas of coverage that you think we didn't do a good enough job covering in 2008 then please use the comments section to let us know. We are the change we want to be, so lets make Cincinnati the place we want it to become.

Fountain Square on NYE - Photo by Queen City Discovery

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