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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Off to Miami, Go Bearcats

The journey to Miami has begun. Go Bearcats! Who else is going to be there?


Randy Simes said...

Well it sucks that we lost, but we definitely had the fan advantage. Bearcat fans flooded Miami and the Orange Bowl. Bearcat fans filled up about 40% of the stadium from my view in the upper deck, while Virginia Tech's allocated section was blocked off in the upper deck. So when you hear those reports about ticket bargains and a non-sellout...look to VT fans who didn't do their part, because the Bearcats certainly did theirs.

Cincinnati NAMjA said... was great to see the Nati Support down south.

Dan said...

Yeah, I would say it was 3 - 1 Bearcat fans to VT fans in the game. The tailgate areas too I thought there were more UC fans. Sad they lost but glad I went.

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