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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cincinnati Streetcar Update

While there hasn't been a whole lot of big news relating to the Cincinnati Streetcar lately there have certainly been things going on. On November 5th the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to design, build, operate and maintain the Cincinnati Streetcar project was sent out.

As of 8:30pm November 16th there have been 21 companies to download the RFQ packet. Now this does not necessarily mean that all will submit bids for this project, but the range of companies goes from local companies like Glaserworks and DNK Architects to national companies like URS and Parsons Transportation Group. These companies have until the end of the workday on December 18th to submit their bids.

I also got in touch with City Architect Michael Moore and was informed that City Manager Milton Dohoney should be reporting back on financing in early 2009. This is important because since the Streetcar motion was passed by City Council in late April this has been the number one tast for Milton Dohoney - raising the necessary private contributions. If these contributions aren't raised then the motion that was passed is no longer good and things will go back to square one. So far I have heard positive feedback about this fundraising process, but nothing specific outside the $3.5 million that Duke Energy has pledged to the project.

In addition to all this I decided to have a little fun with that streetcar congestion graphic I posted last week. That graphic was from almost 100 years ago, so I thought it might be interesting to give it a 100-year update. I attempted to keep the look/feel as close as possible, and with the help of Brad Thomas we calculated out numbers for the modern version.

Ford Taurus dimensions were used for average auto size with an average of 1.2 passengers. Skoda ST10 dimensions were used for average streetcar size with an average of 85 passengers. What was seen is an increase in both the average space taken up by streetcar passengers and auto passengers. Auto space saw a 142% increase which dwarfed the 26% increase for streetcar passengers.

Early 20th Century Graphic vs. New 21st Century Graphic


DP said...

If you want to make it even more favorable toward streetcars, you could do the math in terms of lane space that a each occupies. When traffic engineers do queueing analyses they include the space left between vehicles. An "average" vehicle (including cars + trucks) is typically allotted 25 feet. Then if you use lane width for the horizontal (12 ft is standard lane), you get 300 sf per vehicle, for an average of 250 sf per person. Of course you'd have to do a comparable analysis for a streetcar, but given that a good chunk of space is 'wasted' between cars as the travel, I think it would heavily favor the streetcar.

Nitpicky math comment: I think you meant 141% increase for auto and 26% percent for streetcar.

Randy Simes said...

Yes my math was wrong. I've gone ahead and fixed it...thanks for the heads up.

Rob said...

the second photo isn't loading for me now.

Randy Simes said...

It's working fine for just takes a little longer for that one to load.

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