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Friday, October 17, 2008

Big city, small town

Cincinnati is an amazing place. You get all the benefits and features of a big city, while also being able to take advantage of the small town charm.

Last night Fountain Square was packed for a political rally encouraging voters to get out there and vote early. The night featured Natalie Portman and music by prominent Indie bands like The Breeders and The National.

The music was awesome, the crowd was big and the weather was perfect. Unfortunately we were a little late arriving and missed The Breeders performance and only caught about 3/4 of The National. But while we were there the night was amazing, and we couldn't help but think where else could this happen than Cincinnati.

We lucked out and a tabled opened on Via Vite's rooftop terrace. From there we were able to not only take in the amazing music from The National, but also enjoy some of the area's best Italian food in comfort and style. We didn't have to wait, pay top dollar, or even know somebody. We just had to show up and take advantage of the awesome night ready to be had.

We were there with local celebrity/politician Jim Tarbell and nationally known pop star turned Green Party politician Justin Jeffre. In NYC you would have had to been a high roller in order to get that kind of experience, but here some average twenty somethings were able to roll with the big dogs. Only in Cincinnati.

Photo from Jeff Swinger/Cincinnati Enquirer -- MORE PHOTOS HERE


Anonymous said...

Justin Jeffre isn't nationally known, everyone knows that.

Quimbob said...

Actually, in a small town (like Piqua) you might get the Deals playing in a pool hall and the equivalent of Mr Tarbell would likely not be the equivalent of Mr Tarbell. There would not be a restaurant with a rooftop terrace facing a town square with a working fountain and full of nationally known acts.
But I agree, Cinti does have a feel that is much smaller than what it is and it is a favorite aspect of it for me.
In an actual small town you would more likely find yourself sitting around in a cemetery quaffing Guinness.

Randy Simes said...

Like I said, big city amenities (i.e. big name acts, rooftop terraces, etc)...small town charm (i.e. no wait, people are accessible, etc).

Anonymous said...

I think there are a lot of similar sized cities who can and do pull off the same events.

5chw4r7z said...

LOL, I remember one Saturday afternoon at the pool Justin Jeffrey spouting out, "I was in 98 degrees" and this one chick looks over her shoulder and says "no you weren't" with a sneer on her face.
Guess you had to be there, no one there believed him.
Those were the days.

But I agree with the big city on a human scale thought.

Cincinnati Therapy Guy said...

I enjoy sitting out on fountain square, people watching, drinking coffee and smoking a is good

5chw4r7z said...

"I enjoy sitting out on fountain square, people watching, drinking coffee and smoking a cigar..."


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