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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OTR - Blogger Tour of Living

This past Saturday UrbanCincy and the fine folks from the Gateway Quarter put together a second Blogger Tour of Living. The idea was to give some of the bloggers a taste for what is coming up on this weekend's Downtown Tour of Living, as well as, wet everyone's appetite for what is coming down the road.

The turnout was great, the weather was even better. Plus we had Oktoberfest going on just a few blocks to the south of us, and a Bearcat football game just a little bit to the north of us that night (would have been great to have been able to hop on the streetcar and go from spot to spot). A couple of the developers, real estate people and investors were also on hand to answer questions and meet some of Cincinnati's great bloggers.

We were able to go in to a couple of buildings (Good Fellows Hall, Trideca) that are putting on the finishing touches for this weekends big tour. We also got to see the City Home project on Pleasant, Trinity Flats at 14th & Vine, two projects at 13th & Republic, and another project on north Main Street. You can view/comment on all of my photos here, or simply let the slideshow roll through below.

The Downtown Tour of Living (brochure, 5mb) is Saturday, September 27th from noon to 5pm and will boast 15 sites throughout Downtown (8) and Over-the-Rhine (7). Tickets are $15 per person and are available in advance, as well as, on the day of the event at Fountain Square and Central Parkway & Vine Streets. You can also purchase tickets at any Downtown US Bank branch location.


Anonymous said...

i didn't realize that gentrification had its own internet forum.

Anonymous said...

Finally! A black guy on one of these tours.

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