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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gotta love the 'Tazz'

The former Lange Jewelers location has opened up an opportunity for a new business. Tazza Mia is where "Fresher Coffee Meets Better Food." Their second location (GoogleMap) opened last week (7/31) and owner Bob Bonder described the spot as a great location, a location so great that it was the lure in bringing his local business to Downtown.

Tazza Mia boasts their fresh coffee, and when they say fresh...they mean fresh. They get the raw coffee (aka green coffee...because it arrives in a green color) shipped to their West Chester store direct. Once it arrives they roast it on site and Mr. Bonder delivers the roasted coffee down to the Downtown store every 2-3 days. So while most places brag about their coffee being only 2-3 weeks old, Tazza Mia is talking 2-3 DAYS.

The store has a great atmosphere, with great presence at street level (on Vine), interior access from Tower Place, and a really cool lofted second level that I had no idea was there. The second level offers a great place for casual meetings, reading, relaxing, etc. When you go you absolutely need to try their Pot Roast Panini or their Belgian Waffles (straight from Taste of Belgium at Findlay Market). Once you try their super fresh coffee and fantastic food at their great/new location, you'll be saying to yourself..."I love the Tazz."

Store Hours:
M-F -- 6am - 6:30pm
Sat -- 8am - 5pm
Sun -- 9am - 2pm
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