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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coming home

This weekend is bound to be great. Not just for the typical joys of the weekend, but because I'm going to be coming home for the weekend. So much to do, so many people to see, and so much Skyline to eat. Just what am I to do?

Well here's the game plan. First when I get in on Saturday I'm going to try not to faint as I take in the view from the famous cut-in-the-hill spot on I-75. From there I'm going to be getting some lunch (I'm thinking Cilantro right now). After that it's family fun time.

Then Saturday night will be upon us...and it will be time to do some bar/club hopping with friends (as many as possible). After a night full of fun it will be time to retreat to a bed somewhere and crash. Then more family time on Sunday with some friend stuff mixed in.

Oh Cincinnati how I miss you so...but this short trip should allow for some interesting content and what not for readers of UrbanCincy. See you next week, and enjoy Cincinnati this weekend like you're visiting for only a few days. I bet you'll have a blast.


Anonymous said...

Oh Randy how we love for you to be home! I miss you so!!! I can't wait, I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, try to make it down to the Bluesfest!

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